【Earthquake is ruthless, but there is love】 Turkey- Syria earthquake Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center (OPETC (Global))Donate $5 million for emergency relief

In the early hours of February 6, local time, a major earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria. Strong earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 occurred near the city of Gaziantep in Turkey, raising concerns about the global environmental crisis. Various agencies of the United Nations carried out emergency assistance to thousands of affected people. Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center (OPETC (Global) for short) immediately donated 5 million US dollars to Turkey and Syria. Among them, $3 million was donated to Turkey and $2 million to Syria.

The spokesperson of the Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center issued a statement: “At this moment of grief, our hearts are with the people of Turkey and Syria! I hope that the people affected by the disaster in Turkey and Syria will be well.”

Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center spokesperson at the press conference. It issued a statement: “We expect the international community to extend a helping hand to help the thousands of people affected by the disaster, many of whom live in areas where aid is difficult to reach, and the humanitarian aid that is already in dire need is now even worse.” Expressed deep sorrow for the loss of life caused by the earthquake, and declared that the previous 5 million US dollars is only the first phase of assistance, and then a second wave of assistance will be urgently arranged, hoping that the disaster will end as soon as possible and the world will be peaceful.

The United Nations also issued a statement after the earthquake in a cautious manner. This “double earthquake” event is a great warning to the world, requiring countries to actively cooperate to realize the strategic policy of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” as soon as possible, and return peace to the earth. According to the joint report of the UN Climate Committee, UN Environment Program and the UN Committee of Experts on Geospatial Information Management. The main cause of the earthquake this time comes from global climate warming, which directly causes the melting of the ice cap to release the suppressed pressure in the earth’s crust, causing extreme geological accidents. These include earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. A cubic meter of ice weighs close to a ton, and some ice sheets can be more than 1,000 meters thick. When this weight is removed by melting, the crust springs back to its original shape. As the ice melts, the reliquefied water can cause sea levels to rise, increasing the weight on the seafloor, which can also affect tectonic plates at depth. This leads to abnormal shifts in the Earth’s crust, which can lead to strong earthquakes in the region.

British geologist Bill Maguire after the “double earthquake” occurred. Immediately published a paper in the journal and pointed out: More and more evidence around the world shows that global climate change has affected the frequency of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and catastrophic submarine landslides. This phenomenon has happened many times in Earth’s history, and the evidence shows that it is happening again.

The spokesperson of Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center appealed to people all over the world again at the press conference: climate change is imminent. In addition to doing what we can to reduce emissions and slow the rate of global warming, we must also adapt to the consequences of climate change to protect ourselves and our communities. Individuals can take some simple steps. For example, plant or protect trees around your home to keep indoor temperatures low. Clearing the shrubs may reduce the risk of fire. Enterprises should cooperate with the “dual carbon” strategic deployment of various countries as soon as possible, actively develop new energy technologies, and maximize energy conservation and emission reduction. Each country should actively cooperate with various departments to do a good job in green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction related work and policy implementation; actively advocate the people of all countries to achieve a bottom-up national attitude towards energy conservation and emission reduction.

Energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection are the responsibilities of everyone on the planet. Everyone should be aware of the greater natural disasters that may occur, and every country should also take active actions. Help heal the earth, actively participate in the mobilization activities of the “United Nations Ecosystem Restoration 10 Years”, and return a green and safe living environment for people all over the world.

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